Special Event/

Private Party Lighting

Let us help you make your event beautiful!

  • Expert experience and equipment.

  • Professional and discreet design.

  • Installed with the highest power efficiency in mind.

Cafe-Bistro Lights
  • Outdoor G-50 Bulb String Lights.

  • Great for enclosed venues.

  • Affordable.

  • Indoor String Lights

  • Different Bulb styes available.

  • Great for barns, hangers, other enclosed structures.

  • Outdoor Hanging Bulb String Lights.

  • Easy to setup. 

  • Bright even glow throughout event space.

  • Indoor Wireless LED Uplights.

  • Programmable to any color combo.

  • Long battery life.

  • Lightweight and movable.

  • Outdoor Wireless LED Uplights

  • Great for trees and architecture.

  • Lightweight and movable.

  • Programable to any color.

  • Long battery life.

Wash Lighting
  • LED Stage Wash Lights.

  • Keeps all band members well lit.

  • Perfect for bands, presentations, key note speakers.

  • Food Station Wash Lights

  • Great for rooflines

  • inexpensive

  • High Beam Spotlights

  • Adjustable and illuminating.

  • Perfect for Key-note speakers, bands, and performers. 

  • LED Wall Wash Lights

  • Perfect for art installations.

  • Programmable to any color.

And much more..
  • Drape Walls

  • Available in Velour, sheer, velvet.

  • Fire retardant.

  • Available in black, red, white, dark blue.

  • Custom Monogram Gobo

  • Great for company logos and event names.

  • Adjustable size and throw range.

  • Moon Balloons

  • Great for rooflines

  • inexpensive

  • Flat Screen TV Rental

  • Available in 42-65inch.

  • Comes with Chords and stand.

  • PA system/w Wireless Mic

  • Perfect for small events.

  • Stage Truss Rental

  • Essential for stages

  • High quality.

  • LED Globe Rental

  • Available in white, green, red, and blue.

  • Great next to outdoor event furniture.

  • LED Cube Rentals

  • Perfect for themed events.

  • Available in any color.

  • Serves as furniture or stand alone pieces.

  • Fog Machine

  • Great for bands/performers.

  • EZ setup for stages.


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